Unraveling the Projectile Mystery: Is Arc in Poe’s Works Truly a Projectile?

Is Arc a projectile in Poe?

Path of Exile (PoE) is a popular action role-playing game known for its complex mechanics and diverse skill gems. One such skill gem that has received a lot of attention is Arc. Arc is an electrical spell that creates a chain between multiple enemies, dealing damage along the way. However, there has long been a debate among players as to whether Arc qualifies as a projectile. In this article, we will delve into the mechanics of Arc in PoE and explore whether it meets the criteria of a projectile.

Arc’s mechanics

Before we delve into the classification of Arc, it is crucial to understand its mechanics. Arc is a spell that emits an electric arc that jumps between enemies within a certain radius. The spell has a base duration during which it can hit multiple targets. The number of times Arc can be chained is determined by its level and various modifiers, such as passive skills, support gems, and items.
When Arc is cast, it selects a nearby target and deals damage to it, then jumps to another valid target within range. This process repeats until the spell’s duration ends or there are no more valid targets in range. It is important to note that Arc can jump to the same target multiple times if it remains the only valid option.

Definition of a projectile

To determine if Arc can be classified as a projectile, we must first establish the definition of a projectile. In physics, a projectile is defined as an object that is propelled into the air with an initial velocity and follows a parabolic trajectory under the influence of gravity. Projectiles are typically subject to ballistic motion and can be affected by external factors such as air resistance.

With this definition in mind, it is clear that Arc does not fit the criteria of a traditional projectile. Unlike arrows or bullets, Arc does not have an initial velocity or follow a parabolic trajectory. Instead, it jumps instantly between targets in a chain-like fashion, unaffected by gravity or external forces. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Arc does not meet the definition of a projectile.

Arc’s classification as a projectile-like spell

While Arc may not fit the strict definition of a projectile, it is often referred to as a “projectile-like” spell due to its similarities to actual projectile skills in PoE. The term “projectile-like” is used to describe skills that share certain characteristics with projectiles, such as the ability to chain or pierce enemies.

Arc has several characteristics that make it similar to projectile skills. First, it can chain between enemies, allowing it to hit multiple targets in a single cast. This chaining behavior is similar to projectile skills that can penetrate enemies or bounce off walls. In addition, Arc’s range can be increased through passive skills, support gems, and items, similar to projectile skills that can benefit from increased projectile speed and range modifiers.

The Impact of Arc’s Classification

The classification of Arc as a projectile or projectile-like spell can affect several aspects of gameplay, including skill interactions, passive skills, and item modifiers. For example, there are certain passive skills and support gems in PoE that specifically affect projectiles or projectile-like skills. Understanding whether Arc falls into this category can help players make informed decisions when selecting these modifiers for their builds.

In addition, the classification of Arc can also affect the interactions between Arc and other game mechanics. For example, there are unique items in PoE that grant bonuses or change the behavior of projectiles. Knowing whether Arc is considered a projectile-like spell can help players determine whether or not these item effects apply to Arc.


While Arc shares some characteristics with projectiles, it does not fit the definition of a conventional projectile in the context of PoE. Instead, it can be classified as a spell with chaining behavior. However, the term “projectile-like” is often used to describe skills like Arc because of their similarities to projectile skills. Understanding Arc’s classification can help players optimize their builds and make informed decisions about skill interactions and item choices. Whether you view Arc as a projectile or a projectile-like spell, there is no denying its effectiveness as a versatile and engaging skill gem in the world of Path of Exile.


Is Arc a projectile in Path of Exile?

No, Arc is not considered a projectile in Path of Exile. Arc is a lightning spell that creates a chain of lightning between multiple targets, but it does not behave like a traditional projectile. Instead, it automatically seeks out and jumps between enemies within its range.

How does Arc work in Path of Exile?

Arc is a lightning spell that creates a chain of lightning between enemies. When you cast Arc, it will target an enemy and release a bolt of lightning that jumps to nearby enemies, dealing damage to each one it connects with. The lightning chains between enemies within a certain range, making it effective for clearing groups of foes.

What factors affect the effectiveness of Arc in Path of Exile?

The effectiveness of Arc in Path of Exile can be influenced by several factors. These include the level of the Arc gem, the quality of the gem, your character’s spell damage, increased lightning damage modifiers, and any passive skill tree nodes or items that specifically enhance lightning spells.

Can Arc be modified or supported by other gems in Path of Exile?

Yes, Arc can be modified and supported by various gems in Path of Exile to enhance its capabilities. For example, you can link Arc with the Elemental Focus Support gem to increase its damage but remove its ability to inflict status ailments. Other support gems like Controlled Destruction, Increased Critical Strikes, and Added Lightning Damage can also be used to further customize and strengthen Arc.

Are there any alternative skills or spells similar to Arc in Path of Exile?

Yes, Path of Exile offers several alternative skills and spells that have similarities to Arc. Some examples include Ball Lightning, which releases a slow-moving orb of lightning that damages enemies in its path, and Storm Call, which calls down lightning strikes on targeted areas. These skills provide different gameplay experiences while still harnessing the power of lightning.